Facilitating Transformation in Organisations and People


Corporate Framework

We facilitate the process of developing, re-establishing and defining an organisational Culture through a unique process aligning all individuals by creating an “internal values brand” which governs behaviour.

Culture Mergers

Our unique approach to aligning the cultures of merged entities is designed to fast track the integration of all staff by developing a new framework that includes all stakeholders.

Corporate Strategy

We raise the bar in our collaborative approach to company strategies.  Key individuals are empowered through the participation process, leadership skills are developed, buy in is a given.

Executive Coaching

Focusing on self–awareness, self- management and emotional agility we facilitate transformation in individuals moving them towards excellence and empowering them to project the best versions of themselves.

Power Workshops

We tailor and design workshops and programs that not only transform and optimize teams – the learning’s can be implemented and the investment is sustainable.

Lumina Profiles

These comprehensive profiles are presented in a dynamic way utilizing colour and images to engage individuals and teams in their journey of self-development and embracing diversity.

NLP in Business

Powercoaching is set apart by its unique approach to NLP practitioners and master practitioner certification courses. The groups are small and attend by invitation only. Focused attention is given to like-minded individuals who are carefully chosen as agents of change in the professional and business world.

Who we are

“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”   

Victor Frankl

We believe that great leadership, communicating clear purpose and vision, guiding everyone in the same direction and striving for excellence unlocks human potential.

Zenda Powell

 Zenda Powell founded PowerCoaching twenty years ago. Her love of human behaviour and strong belief in human potential led her from corporate environments, where she excelled, to facilitating transformation in individuals and organisations. Her coach approach is directive and her belief is that “people are intrinsically diamonds” behaviour is the variable; it is mostly learned and can therefore change.

What we stand for

Power Vision

PowerCoaching facilitates transformation, maximizing potential in organisations and individuals.

Power Mission

PowerCoaching provides a solutions-based service, continuously learning, sharing knowledge, seeking wisdom and with humility, facilitating transformation in individuals and organisations.


We continuously seek information, yearn to learn, keep an open mind and happily share knowledge and information.


We know that the more we know the more we realize how little we know.


We trust our intuition, meditate and strive to give all experiences a positive meaning.


We give honest feedback, knowing that feedback enables growth.

What Our Clients Say

“I have worked with Zenda Powell for more than five years on and off on different projects. I particularly like her experienced and direct approach to solving problems and unblocking toxic thought processes we all get stuck with from time to time. I have learned the written or spoken word is but a small part of our communication. I have learned to see the meaning in difficult situations both personally and in business. From a corporate and a personal perspective I am grateful for encountering Zenda on the road.”

Steven Nathan

Chairman, Oro Africa

“Power Coaching has been involved with the ASL Group of Companies for over 4 years. Their involvement included leadership development, consultation and facilitation of our business strategy and related processes. Zenda has an exceptional ability to identify and understand our business needs, enabling the leadership within our organisation to make big and bold decisions to move us closer to our vision. Zenda played an integral part in the success of our organisation and we look forward to continuing our relationship in future. I would recommend them to any organisation.”

Christa Swart

Director, ASL Group

s”Zenda has been instrumental in helping the organization develop highly capable and confident teams, that are aligned to the values of the company and focused on the achievement of the organisational goals, whilst minimizing workplace conflicts, and empowering individuals to be able to deal with challenges that arise in the daily implementation of their functions.”

Adam Marcus

COO, Fairvest Property Holdings

“Zenda’s insightful and incisive inputs in our sessions over the past three years has transformed our leadership team and enabled us to manage our business with an aligned strategic vision and common purpose.”

Arnold Scholtz

Director, ASL Group

“Zenda has a unique ability to quickly understand time, place and circumstances that you are in as a client. She is able to grasp the challenges, understand your needs, see the big picture, and provide effective and detailed guidance and insights on an executive coaching level. I have known her for over 10 years and have found her to be fantastic support in my professional career.”

Chris Rolfe

COO, GoBeyond Investing Zurich

“We have been working with Zenda for the last 8 years, and have no doubt that she has contributed significantly to our success during this time. In 2011 there was a merger between two accounting firms with very different cultures. We contracted Zenda to assist us in forming a “new” merged culture under very difficult circumstances. Within six months we had created a new vision and value systems that all our staff, through Zenda’s process, bought into. That same value system is still in place today and we continue to drive this culture into all new and existing staff. It represents our own constitution that defines who we are and what we need to do to operate efficiently and effectively as a firm.

Stuart Hendler

Partner, MGI Bass Gordon

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